Tenants Have New Rights!

NYS passed Good Cause Eviction Protections against rent hikes and unfair evictions in April 2024. If you are eligible for Good Cause, you now have a right to remain in your home as long as you pay rent and follow your lease.

Vincia Barker

Vincia Barker is a mother, professional caretaker, and tenant in Brooklyn, NY. Born and raised in Guadalupe, Vincia has lived in the US since she was 18 and has always believed in the right to organize for what you deserve. At her home in New York, this means pushing back against negligent landlords and working with her neighbors to win proper repairs and safe housing. During the Covid-19 pandemic, Vincia and the other tenants in her building became leaders in the national campaign to Cancel Rent, working with Housing Organizers for People Empowerment (HOPE) and Brooklyn Legal Services to build a strong tenant association and working collectively to demand collective solutions for the issues they all faced in their homes. Vincia and her fellow residents have sustained a three-year rent strike as they work to live in homes without leaks, mold, and infestation. As she continues to confront negligent slumlords and fight for a livable home, Vincia emphasizes the importance of tenants coming together and demanding safe, affordable housing.

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