Moreom Perven

Moreom Perven has been living in her apartment in Jamaica, Queens for more than 20 years, since she first  came to this country from Bangladesh. As a working class New Yorker, she has seen Zara Realty take over and harass her and her neighbors. In 2017 Moreom became very sick and had to leave her job due to health issues. Zara Realty tried to take rent money out of her bank account directly and took her to housing court. During the trial she realized she needed to educate herself and her neighbors and so she became a leader with the Bangladeshi Tenant Union. She believes we need to organize to fulfill our housing needs, create tenant power, and raise our voice to the highest point of the government. Moreom knows this is a long fight and she is on this journey until we decommodify housing in every corner of this state!

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