Fight Your Rent Hike Toolkit

Rents have exploded in the last year. This is true for both lease renewals and for first rents in homes people are trying to move into. It is true upstate and downstate, in cities, towns and villages. This first question you may be asking is: “Is this even legal? Can a landlord just raise the rent to whatever they want?”

Well, it’s complicated! And the answer is pretty unfair.

But to change anything, we have to organize – as tenants, as neighbors, as people fighting for not just ourselves but for our communities and beyond. Alone, we are vulnerable, isolated, easy to pick on and hard to defend. Together, we are strong, supported, bold and – in a word – unbeatable.

This toolkit will help you take the anger you feel about your rent hike and channel it toward collective, political action. We’ll show you how to organize your building, how to negotiate collectively, and how to fight for a political program that will address the issues facing all tenants across the state.

Click here to download our toolkit!

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