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Tenant Opportunity to Purchase Act

Gives tenants the right to collectively decide the future of their building when it’s up for sale and a tool to more effectively fight for safer and better living conditions.

  • TOPA would give tenants the right of first refusal if their landlord decides to sell their building. Tenants could buy the building together and own it as a cooperative, turn the building into publicly owned housing, or work with a nonprofit to remain a permanently affordable rental.
  • The law would also help tenants fight for better conditions in the buildings they currently live in by reducing the incentives for landlords to keep buildings in disrepair to sell them off to the highest buyer.
  •  While rare, tenants in NYC have purchased buildings before, often as a limited equity co-op in collaboration with a nonprofit buyer. TOPA, which already exists in DC and San Francisco, would make such sales more common.

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Our Platform

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